Thanks for being inspiring!!  You make me feel that my hunger for learning new things permanently is really worthy, that I am not alone walking on this challenging path of teaching and learning...Thanks!!!

Hugs, Estefania Chiosso 

I can see the live you transmit to our profession. I can see your joy and passion, and that is the key. I am a better teacher now, and I will continue developing my love and passion for teaching. 

Stay in touch!

Natalia Gonzalez

Hello Grace! I would like to congratulate you on your Presentation about “Creativity & Motivation at school”. I found it really interesting and practical. Thank you very much for sharing all those effective ideas with us as always! I didn’t choose the wrong Presentation when I decided to go and listen to you at the Conference!!

Alejandra, from STEPS.

My name is Amy. I'm a native EFL teacher from London and I attended your workshop in Olivos yesterday. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the presentation and I was very impressed and inspired by your wonderful hand-made materials. Kind regards,

Amy Lewin (LV Studio)

After attending all your Workshops in Mendoza, I believe I became addicted to you!!
They were absolutely AWESOME!!!!
Please come back here soon with more of your brilliant ideas and good energy!!!
Clarisa Rosales

It was very interesting reading about the acquisition of a foreign language at Kindergarten. And it was helpful to know what to expect and not expect from kids. The TEK COURSE has got the theory and practical material.

Inés Mac Kenzie

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