in this video, I will show you how I changed my way to teach English to kids

and got my

career back.

tek course


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Teaching English to Kids is a Course exclusively designed for Kindergarten, Preschool and Early Primary grades teachers.


What makes TEK Course unique?

  • It is a complete Course with 12 Units that we will go step by step on how to engage kids and grab their attention easily.

  • The only On-Site Course in this area, where you will learn through effective techniques to teach at Circle Time, Story Time and Learning Centers. How to use Games, Rhymes & Songs, Interactive Boards & Graphic Organizers. How to implement a Social-Emotional Learning Program and plan and design Open Classes, School-home Connection and much more.

  • Through our TEK COURSE methodology, your Very Young Learners, will learn in a simple and effective way and at a faster pace.

  • TEK COURSE will give you plenty of creative ideas for you to apply in your lessons. And you will also be able to renovate your own ideas ever after. 

  • You will understand the value of the process of Acquisition and Learning of a Language, neuroscience and the importance of memory and attention, motivation and engagement to learn effectively.

  • The traditional teaching system is outdated, and our TEK COURSE will bring to your teaching career, a fresh new way to teach English to Kids.



Teaching English to Kids Course is an ON-SITE COURSE that will be delivered  in  Palermo Area - C.A.B.A – Buenos Aires

It is  a 12 Units Course that we will explore in 4 encounters.

               From April to July, one Saturday per month.      

April, Saturday 18th - from 08:00 to 13:30

May, Saturday 16th - from 08:00 to 13:30

June, Saturday 6th - from 08:00 to 13:30

July Saturday 4th - from 08:00 to 18:00

                            Prices & Conditions                           

4 Installments of AR$ 2500 

(The pre-sale offer is limited by vacancies, so it can be ended before the date mentioned above.)



Amy Lewin

LV Studio

My name is Amy. I'm a native EFL teacher from London and I attended your workshop in Olivos. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the presentation and I was very impressed and inspired by your wonderful hand-made materials

Clarisa Rosales

Kindergarten Teacher

After attending all your Workshops in Mendoza, I believe I became addicted to you!!
They were absolutely AWESOME!!!!
Please come back here soon with more of your brilliant ideas and good energy!!!

Inés Mac Kenzie

Early Primary Grade

It was very interesting reading about the acquisition of a foreign language at Kindergarten. And it was helpful to know what to expect and not expect from kids. The TEK COURSE has got the theory and practical material.

Grace Bertolini is a very well known and experienced EFL-ESL Teacher in Argentina. She has taught all levels and ages, from Kindergarten to Secondary Schools for more than 35 years. More than 1500 teachers, school directors and coordinators have completed her courses.


She is a life-long learner educator. Grace has attended courses on Learning Organizations, Multiple Intelligences, Classroom Management, TPRS, Cooperative Learning, Learning and the Brain, Social-Emotional Learning, Conflict Resolution and Positive Discipline in different countries.

She has also got a Neuro Learning Degree and more than 300 events completed successfully.



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