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A complete guide to provide practical, realistic and easy-to-implement successful resources, and real-life examples which will help you develop your Very Young Learners teaching and to enjoy it more!

A course with 12 modules with 60 to 80 pages per unit with practical classes, step by step materials to teach your students.

Captivating Distance Course for teachers who want to become a "better teacher" and maximize their skills while fully engaging their preteen and teen learners!

A course with 8 modules with 60 to 80 pages per unit with practical strategies to create a communicative classroom, build comprehension and cooperative learning. Activities to develop languages skill and self-esteem. Tips & ideas to raise creativity and motivation. 

PRICE: FROM AR$ 2.999    TO   AR$ 2.500

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           FROM AR$ 79,90    TO   US$69,90

Learn to apply effective methods for improving students’ abilities to resolve their conflicts using the components of a Conflict Resolution Program for any grade from Kindergarten to High School.


Participants will experience sample lessons to practical problem-solving strategies that students can learn to use on their own.


Start teaching in a safe disciplined environment and a positive school climate with effective techniques to improve your students’ abilities to resolve their conflicts in a constructive way.